Various Events: February – June 2018. See individual listings below for locations, times and bookings.

The program for the City of Cockburn Sustainable Living Events for the first half of 2018 has now been released, and once again Cockburn Libraries is hosting several events.  These events are jam-packed full of fun ideas and new skills for sustainable living. Come along and be inspired! All the library hosted events listed below are free to attend, but you you need to register online for each event – use the Book online links below.  For the full program of events around Cockburn, see the City of Cockburn What’s On page or view the pdf version of the program.

Sustainable Living Events logo - Events hosted by Cockburn Libraries
CHOOKS IN THE CITY – Saturday 24 February 2018

10 -11am | FREE | Coolbellup Library | Bookings essential
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A workshop for novices and experienced chook owners alike to help increase confidence in caring for hens. The session will cover: chicken behaviours and characteristics, suitable habitat and
key health indicators. Discover the many benefits of keeping chickens, including weed and insect control for the garden and fresh eggs.


HOW TO ATTRACT LOCAL BIRDS – Saturday 17 March 2018

9.30am -12.30pm | FREE  |  Spearwood Library | Bookings essential
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Learn how to identify, understand and care for the birds in your garden, street or reserve. Understand what birds eat, how to use birdbaths, bird perches and bird boxes. Attract birds to your garden by creating the conditions and plants they need and learn the secret art of ‘bird shushing’ to bring birds closer to you. Presented by Rachel and Mike Green who are mad keen on birds and run the Darling Range Branch of the WA Naturalists’ Club,


GREEN CLEANING WORKSHOP – Saturday 14 April  2018

10am – midday | FREE  |  Success Library | Bookings essential 
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Spend some time thinking about cleaning … cleaning green. During this workshop Shani Graham from Ecoburbia will help us look at why a greener cleaning regime is so important, have a look as how to tell just what is in the cleaning products we use, learn about some basic ingredients in homemade cleaners and then get ‘down and dirty’ and make some. Please bring three large jars to take samples home to try.


NATURAL PEST CONTROL – Saturday 12 May 2018

9.30am – midday | FREE | Spearwood Library | Bookings essential
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Learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – which aims to prevent infestation in the first place. Discover the “Pest Triangle” approach which looks at the pest, the plant and the
environment, and how when you alter one you can regain a healthy balance in your garden. Gain an understanding of:

  • Why you get pests and how to identify them
  • Monoculture versus polyculture – and natural balance
  • Garden design and crop rotation
  • Building plant resilience to reduce pest attack (soil improvement)
  • Three methods of control – physical, biological and spraying
  • Companion planting has its place (and it’s HUGE!)
  • Accepting that there will always be insect pests



9.30am -12.30pm | FREE | Success Library | Bookings essential
Book online

Heard about permaculture and want to know more? With some basic design tools you can start applying the ideas to your own space straight away – whether you have a courtyard, urban size property or small acreage. Learn how this approach can save you time and money, how it differs from organic gardening, how you can incorporate this approach stage by stage, and how small changes can have massive returns for the environment, community and your budget.


Events not at the library

There are many other Sustainable Living events happening around the City of Cockburn from January  to  June 2018.  For the full program of events around Cockburn, see the City of Cockburn What’s On page or check out the pdf version of the program.