Learn to make a Uthando Project doll.

Four Classes. Thursdays, 1-3pm.  Beginning 9 August 2018.

Coolbellup Library

Learn how to make a doll for a child who never had one.

The Uthando Project was formed in 2004 to send special hand-made dolls to children in South Africa who have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. These beautiful, colourful dolls are made according to a sturdy pattern, and then sent to charity agencies in South Africa who distribute them to orphaned children.

Come along to these four classes, make a doll from start to finish and bring joy and comfort to orphaned children in South Africa.

All materials and instruction provided. Free event.

Selection of dolls made as part of the Uthando Project for orphaned children in African
Four classes. Thursdays 1-3pm. Beginning 9 August.

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