RB Digital magazines - "magazines at your fingertips"

RB Digital eMagazines (formerly Zinio)

RB Digital eMagazines allows you to view your favourite print magazines, cover to cover in full colour, anytime!

RB Digital eMagazines (previously known as Zinio) is a premium digital magazine service available to Cockburn Libraries members, just grab your tablet or smart phone and download the RB Digital eMagazines app from your favourite app store  – you will not be disappointed.

Before you download RBdigital on your device, you will need to create a RBdigital account (top right corner).

Founded in 2001, RBdigital eMagazines is a digital newsstand that has grown and houses over 5,500 magazines that you can discover, all at the tips of your fingers. From lifestyle to science, art to technology, you will be sure to find the latest issue of your favorite magazines.

The eMagazines include popular titles such as Delicious, Donna Hay, Elle, Gardening Australia, The Economist, Vogue and many more. Download the eMagazines to your PC, laptop or mobile device.

There is also no limit to how many issues you can download and there is no due date. Yep that’s right you read it, you DO NOT have to return your issues, you can keep them and read them over and over as much as you like and when you have finished just simply delete them.

Get the RBdigital for Libraries app for iPad or Android or Kindle Fire.