Note: Library members have access to three ebook and eAudiobook providers – BorrowBox, Overdrive (Libby app) and CloudLibrary. Each service has different titles available, so download all three apps to get the most from our ebook and eAudiobook collection.  All the details and links for all the apps can be found on our eLibrary — ebooks page.

Borrowbox – free ebooks and digital audio books for library members.

Borrowbox is one of the three services that the library uses to provide ebooks and eAudiobooks to you.

Download ebooks and eAudiobooks to your computer via the BorrowBox website or use the free Borrowbox app to download to your iOS or android device.

Install the Borrowbox app on your mobile device:

Once you have installed the app on your device, search for Cockburn in the Library field.

Now start reading and listening!

Need help getting started? Check out our short video  or else head straight to BorrowBox and get reading.