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This month’s most viewed eMagazine was: Popular Science

PopularScienceThis is the most exciting time to be alive in history. Discovery and innovation are reshaping the world around us, and Popular Science makes even the most complex ideas entertaining and accessible. By taking an upbeat, solutions-oriented look at today’s most audacious science and revolutionary technology, we forecast what tomorrow will be like. We deliver the future now.

October’s edition of Popular Science showcases ‘The Future of The Car,’ a topic that is on everybody’s mind at the moment! Read all about how the automobile is becoming more than just a vehicle… Plus, Popular Science celebrates its 13th year of ‘The Brilliant Ten’ awards, discussing the top ten bright, young minds who are reshaping our thoughts and perceptions on science, engineering and the world. If you want to read about blasting space rocks with a warhead, then this is the perfect magazine for you – don’t miss out on this jam packed edition!

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