So like a phoenix rising from Jamaica Bay (sly nod to X-men fans, eh? Eh?<playful jab to the ribs>) thus “Yay, Comics!” is born again!
Yep – I’m back.

  My loyal fanbase*  has been pestering me about when I’m going to put up the next edition of the award-winning** series of blog posts so here it is! (**may or may not be award-winning) But as is normally the case when you take a little hiatus, “Yay,Comics!” is going to be a little different here on out. Am I still going to blow your collective socks off with awesome comic book and graphic novel picks while entertaining with an encyclopedic knowledge and devilish wit? You betcha I am! But now it’s going to be shorter and weekly!

So enough of my babble lets get on down to “Yay, Comics! V.2″ (or New Yay, Comics! if you like)!
So what IS manga? Simple. Manga tend to be those small little black and white paperback books that read back to front.  Other definitions could include those books with the kids with the crazy hair or the Japanese word for comic books.  All are correct.

Our manga collection over the years has been…spotty. There, I said it.  However we are about to enter a new golden age my friend! We’ll be getting the newest and coolest titles as they come out as well as trying to fill out some of the gaps every month! We’ll be getting in the latest volumes of Bakuman, Bleach, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece and more!  I just got a big massive box filled with older titles as well such as Fuishigi Yugi, Gundam, Vision of Escaflowne, Vagabond and (also) more!

Plus why not tell us what manga you’d like? Track me down. I intend to expand our manga quite considerably (to complement our new anime expansion but that’s for a future post) so let me know. Give me a list if you like.  I can be found hanging around Coolbellup or Spearwood libraries regularly and I’m always happy to talk about comics.

So more of a “state of the collection” this time around. We’ll hit normal recommendations and rambling next week!


*my Mother hasn’t much to do in her retirement.
**disclaimer – may or may not be award-winning. Probably not.