Worst Library comic blogger evah.
Apologies for the lack of recent comic book content recently.  Lets things back into gear!  We’re looking at some of the recent additions for the more discerning elderly comic reader today.  One who is a bit more sophisticated and enjoys comics with complex themes, characterisations and intricate and involved plot dynamics.  Which of course means I haven’t read any of them. 
You know whats nice? Whats nice is to talk about a comic series that you can  borrow in its entirety from us at Cockburn Libraries.  From the very beginning to the very end! Y’know, that’s kind of rare in serialized fiction.  You know what else is nice? When the series is good.
So putting my cards on the table right upront. I haven’t actually read this series. TECHNICALLY speaking.  Per se. BUT I have read and heard enough positive buzz about it to know that I’m very happy we have it in our collection. And if you want a second opinion just wander in to Success Library and ask to speak to branch Librarian Lawley about it.  He’s read it all and is a big fan.  He’s been trying to talk me into reading it but not enough radioactive spider bites in it for me! (It’s on my list though)
Ex Machina is a series published under the Wildstorm banner at DC comics, a more mature imprint, and is created by Brian K Vaughan( Y: the last man, Runaways) and Tony Harris(Starman).  It ran for 50 issues, won the Eisner award for Best New Series in 2005 and we have all of the oversized hardcover collections! Yay us!
But what is it about I hear you ask? Superhero Politics.
No wait – not quite.  Ex Machina is about MItchell Hundred, the recently elected Mayor of New York City who also happenned to be the worlds first and only superhero. It deals with the mysteries of how he got his powers plus details his life in the world of politics.  It’s a unique series and well worth a look.  Click here to reserve them now.

Not about licencing centres.

Another series that  is highly regarded is DMZ.  A Vertigo title (which means there is mature content to be found within) tells the story of the near future where a second civil war has broken out in the US and is set mostly in Manhattan which has been designated a demilitarized zone.  Again not enough capes or Kirby Krackle in here for me but check it out if you like modern war stories.  We have the first 3 volumes and they can be found HERE.
The Archie gang really let themselves go
I dont even know what i can say about this without the library collapsing in of itself.  The boys USED to be published by DC comics and it parodied various archetypal superhero characters in quite a mature, adult fashion.  Too mature and adult – DC decided that it wasn’t for them and cancelled it.  It’s since moved to Dynamite where it’s still going strong.  I suppose I should mention what it’s about?  A group called The Boys exists to police the superhero community who are a bit…reckless shall we say? In a nutshell.  A popular series which has its fans but be prepared! Click here to reserve Volume One!