Let yourself be captivated by history and art with this incredible movie. Woman in gold is fascinating, inspiring and most of all deeply touching.

woman in gold 1

Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) is an elderly Jewish lady. Born in Vienna, she had to flee during the war and hasn’t been back for sixty years. After her sister’s funeral, she discovers a letter that has her questioning the past. What really happened to her family possessions after the war? Was everything seized by the Nazis? Could she reclaim what was once hers by right? To help her make sense of the law and history itself, she hires lawyer Randy Shoeberg (Ryan Reynolds). Inexperienced and young, he takes the case for one reason only: money. In Maria’s belongings, the famous Gustave Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Together, they will embark in a legal battle that will shake them both to the core.

The question: How to recover paintings that Austria considers national treasures?

woman in gold

In terms of casting, I have three things to say:

  • First of all, the young and inexperienced character of a lawyer is an unusual role for Ryan Reynolds who is normally center stage, showing abs and humor but he pulls it off.
  • Secondly, what is Katie Holmes doing here? I thought she had stopped acting…
  • And finally, Helen Mirren is wonderful. She carries the whole movie.

In terms of the story, it is a true and heavy topic. Watching Woman in gold, we realize that the war is not that far away and that it affected and is still affecting a great number of people. It is very touching and grandly emotionally charged. It was also interesting to meet Maria Altmann through Helen Mirren. She is an absolutely wonderful woman.

However, the end was easy to guess even if you’re not familiar with the history.