I will only start by two words: Matt Bomer… You shouldn’t need any more convincing that this really but I will give you more details anyway.


In this clever TV series, Neal Caffrey, a convicted felon becomes an informant for the FBI. One of the best of his field, he is an impeccable forger and a master con artist to give only a few of his many talents. Peter Burke (FBI agent) spent years tracking him with no luck until one day he finally caught Neil. Between the two, a relationship started to form and Peter realized that this peculiar individual would be more useful outside prison catching bad guys.

I enjoy watching this series because of the characters. Admittedly it is not the show of the century but it is fun and well played. More importantly, Mozzie (Willie Garson) is hilarious. Once spotted  in Sex and the city, he is wonderful in the role of the paranoid criminal.

White collar Mozzie

White Collar is a detective show where crimes are solved in each episodes but it’s also a development of people, their relationship, their growth and downfall.