So I know you’re all eager to read the latest and final chapter of Christopher Paolini’s epic series but, gosh darn it, there’s 5 people already waiting on it. Well actually – 6 now – I just requested it also. Sorry. Now, now, I know you’re upset but relax. There’s no point freaking out about it is there. What to do? You could buy it but really what’s the point? It’ll just sit there on the shelf after you’ve read it. I mean, honestly. Think of the environment. The Library makes the most sense if you think about it. And we do have 10 copies I believe. So you won’t be waiting long.

a short read..

But why don’t you catch up with the previous books while you are waiting? I just got in a couple of brand new, fresh off the press copies of the previous books in the series to complement our already complete collection. (I believe we have around 264 and a quarter copies of the third book in the series!) .And you know what, I actually haven’t read the series myself so I’m going to go ahead and read through the series as well. They’re fairly short books right – let me go and have a look at…..