What is TikTok?

TikTok is everywhere. Ads for TikTok have started appearing in my YouTube ads, my Solitaire game ads and, during the current lockdown the world finds itself in, more and more celebrities are now joining and posting to TikTok who never have before.

I am a 30-something-year-old mother of one. I have Twitter and Instagram but I barely tweet or “gram”. I Snapchat but only as a way to keep Mr 3.5 entertained with pictures of himself with filters. My social media exposure is primarily done on Facebook. So I keep asking myself, what is TikTok?

My past life as a research librarian took over and I started investigating. According to Wikipedia it is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. 

So with the help of my Mr 3.5 sidekick and possibly the dog, I set out to find out what and how TikTok is and does.

TikTok is one popular app.

In the Apple store, all I had to do was enter the letter t and TikTok was the first result.

Once downloaded you need to choose your interests for your personalized video recommendations. Once you have done that videos start playing. At the moment I am still a little perplexed as to what is going on. However, I have linked my Facebook to my new TikTok and now I have signed up to TikTok. Which, if I am honest, is what I thought I’d done when I downloaded it. I have however found myself going down a rabbit hole of videos.

I did find it difficult to work out how to create my own videos. But we keep exploring this new technology. I am starting to feel old.

I made a video! SO after several attempts with Mr 3.5, he was just not taking direction well, I decided to try it on some inanimate objects. I took Mr 3.5’s favourite song (What a man gotta do by the Jonas Brothers) and tried coming up with a video. It was then the idea hit me. What does a man gotta do to be totally locked up by me? Among other things, help with the household chores. Washing, ironing cooking etc. and the video was born.

After several attempts and learning the editing tools used by TikTok I finally had a video (apart from the junk background in the iron shot) I was mostly happy with. However given I have no followers I thought what the heck, post! So I did.

And because I have no followers, I have included the video in this blog for all my readers.

If you haven’t yet seen what TikTok is, do a Google search for some YouTube clips. Save you downloading the app and ending in a TikTok video labyrinth.

I think I will leave TikTok for the young ones and celebrities with some inch of talent. I will stick to Facebook.