Hey everyone! So at Cockburn Library we’re starting up a kids blog which will deal with..yep, you guessed it..kids stuff! When I say kids I really mean ‘young persons’ so we’ll be covering things of interest to high school kids, primary school kids and also the little ones who may need help from their parents to read our awesome posts.  And hey, we’ll be covering stuff of interest to big kids as well (raises hand) so there’ll be something for everybody really.  .

This will essentially be the place to go to find out whats happenning at Cockburn Library for anyone under 20, with reviews and general blogging about the cool stuff thats hitting our shelves as we go.

In one word – STUFF. Lots and lots of it

As time goes on I’d like to be able to integrate everyone into the site and allow you to log in and rate and review stuff which in turn will earn you points! I’d like you all to be able to keep track of what you’ve read and what books you want to read – which will also earn you points! What are the points for? Well, we won’t be getting to that JUST yet. Wait and see 🙂

So for now stay tuned to Kids @ C.L – I’ll be updating with STUFF every day or two.