In this newest version of Frankenstein (written by Mary Shelley), we take a closer look at the doctor rather than the creature. It was always a great story. However, in Victor Frankenstein the story has been rethought to touch modern audience.

The results are unanimous: brilliant.


Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) is a hunchback. Because of his deformity, he was never treated right. It seems that his only place is to be a beaten up clown in the circus or is it? Indeed, Igor is also incredibly smart and it is only a matter of time until somebody notices his abilities. This somebody will be Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), a young medical student eager to make a name for himself and change the world.

“Life is temporary, why should death be any different.” Victor Von Frankenstein

Together, they will try to do the impossible. They will try to create life from death. However, Igor will soon find out Victor’s secrets and just how far he is willing to go. Can he stop him?


I really enjoyed Victor Frankenstein.

It is a fresh take on the classic tale and it is a really thrilling adaptation. Of course, having Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy as lead actors definitely helped. They are grandiose. They have a great chemistry.

I particularly loved watching the movie from a different perspective. We’ve seen the version where the monster of Frankenstein is the focus as well as the doctor himself but the point of view of Igor is new and fascinating.

It is an entertaining horror/detective film.