Some movies are best seen with friends because they generate debates.  Animated debates! Everybody wants to give their opinion. I watched Unthinkable for the first time and, in this case, I’m still conflicted on where I stand on the topic.


The movie starts with a video made buy a terrorists. He has hidden three atomic bombs in three different cities across the United states and they will explode in four days if his demands are not met. However, he did not state any demands! The government has to take the threat seriously and, before you know it, all the counter-terrorism agencies ally forces under the command of the army. They soon find him but he refuses to divulge the locations of the bombs.

This terrorist is different. He was a weapons’ expert in the army and he is trained against all technics of interrogation. Because making him talk is no longer a question of good cop/bad cop, FBI agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) agrees to work alongside a mysterious interrogator known only as “H” (Samuel L. Jackson), whose ruthless methods get results. But how far will she let him go?

Samuel L Jackson is superb in this intense psychological thriller. He will keep you on the edge of your seat up until the last second.


I believe that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best performers out there. When he becomes “H” in Unthinkable, he manages to portray a disturbed individual absolutely perfectly. This gigantic actor will make you stop and think. As far as I know (not an expert so do not quote me on this), governments have guidelines that they need to follow such as to not negotiate with terrorists or to treat prisoners with respect for example. Here, all the rules are broken and you wonder. Is the life of one man not worth ten million others? When do you stop? And when it comes to this methods of interrogation, are the answers trustworthy?

I will leave you with this debate. Torture has been happening for thousands of years but does it justify its existence. In the 21st century , are we not civilized enough to know better? And on the contrary, if there are people willing to risk the lives of other for terrorism, should we not do everything to try and stop them?

Shouldn’t we do the unthinkable…

To add some more recent news to this story, I would encourage you to have a look at this article. When desperate times arrive, some will always resort to desperate measures. Even the most powerful nation in the world. Barack Obama has admitted it only three days ago.


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