Ukulele Summer Sessions

5 December to 30 January
5 – 6 pm
Success Library

Free weekly summer ukulele playing group.

This summer ukulele group is perfect for anyone who can play the ukulele (a bit) and would like to practice and learn more. It is for all ages so kids, teens, adults and seniors are welcome.

You will already know some basics – simple strumming and some chords (at least C, F, G, G7 and Am).

Dust off your old ukulele, come along and learn to play a selection of songs. Pick up some more complex strumming patterns and some additional chords to take your playing to the next level!

Don’t have a ukulele anymore? We have a limited number of ukuleles to loan* for the first few lessons if you are unsure about committing to buying another instrument.

*library membership required to borrow. Unfortunately, limited numbers means first in, first served.

Please also note: this is not a beginner workshop, it is more of a learn-through-play environment, so we will presume you have a basic level of proficiency, as mentioned above.