Thanks local library – I borrowed 2 items this weekend – and that was me done & dusted.  No need for expensive meals out or attempts to catch up with the housework.

Courtesy of the skills and talents of 2 very talented Australians, I was couch bound.

First watching Tim Winton’s The Turning – all 172 minutes of the  linking stories covering highlights in the lives of residents of a small coastal community had us enthralled.  Even my partner who doesnt do deep and meaningful didn’t fall asleep in his chair.

18 different stories – 18 different Australian directors with ensuing diversity,  even different actors portraying the same characters.  A word of caution here – read the booklet which comes with the DVD, especially if you are’nt familiar with Winton’s novel,  as main character Vic Lang being portrayed  at different times by Australian greats such as Richard Roxburgh, Dan Wylie, Matthew Shanley and others can be confusing.

No place like homeSo much for the visual, next came Walkley Award winning journalist Caroline Overington’s ‘No place like home’.  I really enjoyed Overington’s previous books such as ‘Ghost child’, ‘I came to say goodbye’, ‘ Matilda is missing’ and ‘Sisters of Mercy’ but this one was even better.  It is thought-provoking with the main character Ali Khan being a refugee who arrived in Australia with a valid passport but who is shown no welcome. Dramatic and heart-breaking are also adjectives I would use to describe this book.