For the month of February I was able to disappear from Perth and run away to Italy for four weeks. My first stop was Turin (Torino).

Turin is one of the larger cities of Italy it used to be the main political city of Italy. It is an important business and cultural hub center. Turin is located in the north of Italy which is the capital of the Piedmont region.  Turin is well known for its cultural attributes including art galleries, museums, operas and palaces.

Things I loved and recommend about discovering in Turin:

  • The culture
  • The ancient buildings, piazzas and history
  • The food
  • The shopping
  • The leather boots

the gov

The Government building
The lonely planet guides available in our collection suggest these are the four main places to visit:

  • Mole Antonelliana (This is the landmark of Turin and is a must see building.)
  • Museo della Sindone
  • Museo Egizio
  • Muses Nazionale del Risorigmento Italiano.

Some photos of the above suggestions… I did not get to go everywhere but there is always next time.

Turin 3

Mole Antonelliana (This is a main tourist attraction in Turin. Tourists can pay between 7-10 Euros and take the lift to go up and see the view as below.  During the week is quieter to access the Mole Antonelliana. The weekends are usually extremely busy and this would be the same for the European summer.)


The Birds eye view from the Mole Antonelliana
According to the ‘501 must visit cities’  it suggests that Turin should be visited in the summer as winters are cold, spring and Autumn can be damp and foggy.

February is a cold month in Italy however it was not as cold as it I thought it would be. I did not get see the snow which I was very sad about. However, a good warm coat, thermals, scarves and boots are essential!

Our travel guides also suggest visiting:

  • Piazza San Carlo
  • Piazza Castello
  • National Cinema museum
  • The Royal Palace


Piazza Castello by night (the largest piazza in Italy and one of the largest piazzas in Europe)

To discover more about Turin,(Torino) and the North of Italy check out these travel guides:




Best tip: Please ensure you consume a hot chocolate whilst in Turin this is a must! Just imagine eating Nutella warmed up. Your mouth is watering now isn’t it? Also the pizza, foccacia, sweets and anything else you see in the mains bars and cafes throughout Turin. Eat it all!

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Next stop… Central Italy (Rome, Roma)

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