Bryan Cranston is back! The brilliant actor plays the title role in Trumbo and it earned him a Best Actor nomination at this year’s Academy Awards. Following his performances in Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad and The Infiltrator, Trumbo is another character perfectly fitting for him.

Trumbo - movie

Trumbo is clever. It manages to balance darkness and light perfectly.

Dalton Trumbo is somewhat of a genius when it comes to screenwriting. In the 1940s, he has a successful career that rises along with the world of Hollywood. However, all is not perfect. Indeed, along with a few friends, Trumbo might be famous and rich but he is also… a communist and that will quickly become an issue. At the end of World War II, America believes all communisst to be a spies for Russia and will stop at nothing to end them and their careers. Dalton Trumbo is quickly blacklisted for his political beliefs but it will not break him. This movie tells the story of his fight against the government and most importantly his fight for freedom. Along the way, he will meet a lot of Hollywood greats such as Hedda Hopper, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.


Bryan Cranston is once more astonishing.

There is no doubt about it, Bryan Cranston is one of the greats and I absolutely love him and his performance in Trumbo definitely elevates the movie from good to great. (If you want to know more about Bryan Cranston, check out his recently published autobiography A life in parts.)

Trumbo is a movie worth watching, if only to learn a bit more about American history.  Trumbo is based on real events and I really appreciate those types of films. They usually teach you something and I certainly learnt something here.