Out of EVERYTHING in the kids collection that was borrowed this year this is how it breaks down;

  1. 1.    Hunger Games (YA)
  2. 2.    Diary of a wimpy kid – cabin fever (JF)
  3. 3.    Toy Story 3 (JF DVD)
  4. 4.    Catching Fire (YA)
  5. 5.    Diary of a wimpy kid – the ugly truth (JF)
  6. 6.    Where the Wild things are (JK)
  7. 7.    The Lego Ideas Book (JNF)
  8. 8.    Diary of a Wimpy kid (JF)
  9. 9.    Diary of a Wimpy kid – Rodrick Rules (DVD)
  10. 10. Fantastic Mr Fox (DVD)

Phew!  Interesting – mostly JF and dvds with a YA or JK or two thrown in for good measure.
No comics though – sad face.

Thanks everyone for indulging my lists – I always have a good time doing theme and its interesting to see whats popular at the moment. (Wimpy kid – 4 out of the top 10 loans last year in the kids collection!)