Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich review.

I love Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series of novels. I’ve been reading them since the ninth book and each time a new one comes out I go out and buy it to add to the shelf. Which is impressive, if only because I’ve become an e-book girl. The series has gone up and down with some spectacularly memorable moments including Stephanie running a man in a bunny suit over with her car (he was a band bunny and deserved it), destroying Ranger’s Porsche with a rubbish truck, and the very memorable birth of her youngest niece.

I’ve just read the newest installment in the series Top Secret Twenty-One and I really enjoyed it. It kept me up much too late one night last week.


This book might not be the high point of the series but it is a really fun and good read.

This time around Stephanie needs to bring in a car-dealer who was selling more than just cars. Unsurprisingly, Jimmy Poletti is harder to find than he really should be and Stephanie, and her ex-ho sidekick Lula, aren’t getting much help from the people in Jimmy’s life. Then Ranger, who might be the hottest fictional character ever described…or batman, has an emergency at his headquarters adding to the problems for Stephanie.

Janet Evanovich does a good job of balancing the two different crime storylines in this book with the Jimmy Poletti arc growing more complicated the longer Stephanie investigates, with the help of Lula, the returning Randy Briggs (who kind of deserves the exploding car), and a vicious pack of attack Chihuahuas. Ranger is characteristically taciturn in regards to his trouble but he’s still there to help Stephanie out. Stephanie manages to help out in her normally happenstance manner. Travelling from the normal setting of the ‘Burg in New Jersey to Atlantic City this story includes all of the best things of the series – exploding cars (look out for Morelli’s fast hands), Stephanie being way over her head (sometimes I wonder if she will ever be a functioning bounty hunter but it’s funnier this way), and Grandma Mazur.

The book has a few laugh out loud scenes and some that will make you cringe, but as always it is a book, and series, I would recommend to anyone.

These are the things that Stephanie Plum left me with this time around:
– You need a bucket list (and then you go out there like Grandma Mazur and make it happen),
– I want to be Grandma Mazur…but perhaps without the gun (after I shoot a roast chicken), and
– In the next book I want Stephanie to break up with Morelli so she and Ranger can…explore all the possibilities open to Babe and Batman.

Top Secret Twenty-One is currently on order, reserve your copy today.
If you haven’t read the previous books (all of which I would recommend) then you can borrow them at your local library today.
Or read other books by Janet Evanovich.