Top Junior Fiction borrowed in 2012 #40-31

I love doing these.  Let’s look at the JF books that were borrowed last year. I’ll start counting down from 40.

#40    Just disgusting – Andy Griffiths
#39   Camp Chaos – Meredith Badger
#38    Geronimo Stilton: a fabumouse school adventure – Geronimo Stilton
#37    Dr Seuss: A classic treasury – Dr Seuss
#36    Where’s Wally: the wonder book – Martin Handford
#35    The Twits – Roald Dahl
#34    The magic faraway tree – Enid Blyton 
#33     Geronimo Stilton: the haunted castle – Geronimo Stilton
#32     Olympia the games fairy – Daisy Meadows
#31     Judy Moody around the world in 8 ½ days – Megan McDonald 

There you go!  Some favourites there.  Geronimo sure does well for a fictional mouse!  I’m sure he’ll pop up more in the top 40 as we keep counting on.  I THINK that’s the only entry for Megan McDonald and Enid Blyton though.  I wonder if we’ll get more fairy books from Daisy Meadows or get any more Seuss or Dahl books.  You’d have to expect so wouldn’t you?  What Seuss book do you think would be the highest?  What Dahl book?  How many of these did you read?

D  Stay tuned for #30-#21!

Junior Fiction of 2012 Part 2 #30-#21

Any predictions for #30-#21? Here we go.

#30 Destiny the pop star fairy – Daisy Meadows
#29 Thea Stilton and the secret city – Thea Stilton
#28 Geronimo Stilton: the quest for paradise – Geronimo Stilton
#27 Geronimo Stilton: The amazing Voyage – Geronimo Stilton
#26 Wheres Wally now – Martin Handford
#25 The adventures of Tintin: a novel – Alex Irvine
#24 Harry Potter and the deathly hallows – J.K Rowling
#23 Matilda – Roald Dahl
#22 Cookie – Jacqueline Wilson
#21 Diary of a wimpy kid: the last straw – Jeff Kinney

There you go – another fairy book, 3 more Stilton’s, a Dahl, a Wally book and the first Potter and Wimpy kid books. I wonder if there will be more Potters or Wimpy kids to come? Hmmn. I wonder. Tomorrow we’re starting the top 20 with links to the books on the catalogue so if you didn’t read this then we’re making it as easy as possible for you to rectify that.

Junior fiction of 2012 Part 3 – #20-11

It’s the penultimate junior fiction list! Was YOUR favourite book one of the most borrowed of 2012? (probably – everyone seemed to read the same books last year).

Let’s have a look!

20. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire – J.K. Rowling
19. Are we there yet – Alison Lester
18. Where’s Wally – Martin Handford
17. Thea Stilton and the star castways – Thea Stilton
16. The land of dragons – Emily Rodda
15. Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth – Rick Riordan
14. Socks, shocks and secrets – Leila Rasheed
13. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief – Rick Riordan
12. War Horse – Michael Morpungo
11. Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters – Rick Riordan

Wow! THREE Percy Jackson books between #11 and #15. Impressive. Another Potter book, another Stilton book, another Wally book and…what’s this? Books that aren’t part of a series? War horse, ‘Socks, shocks and secrets’, ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘The land of dragons*’? Interesting.

*We have about a billion copies of The land of dragons so it may have an unfair disadvantage there.

Top Junior Fiction 2012 – Part 4 #10-1

And here we go. The business end! The top ten junior fiction books borrowed by you in 2012! Just for fun I’m also putting their position last year in brackets as well as linking it to the catalogue so you can click through and reserve it if you DIDN’T read one of the top 10 borrowed books of last year.

Now if you remember from the other day I posted a top ten filled with wimpy kids, greek gods and wizards. NOTHING else but these three series. (10 points if you can guess what series I’m talking about) I wonder if this year your reading was a little more diverse?

10. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (6)
9. Wheres Wally: the great picture hunt (12)
8. Thea Stilton and the ice treasure (NEW)

7. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (5)
6. Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules (2)

5. How the Grinch stole Christmas (29)

4. Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days (3)

3. Diary of a wimpy kid (8)

2. Diary of a wimpy kid: the ugly truth (1)

1. Diary of a wimpy kid : Cabin Fever (NEW)

Where’s Wally cracks the top 10 this year!

Go Stilton! The first Stilton book to appear last year was at #22 (The karate mouse) PLUS there were only 3 Stilton books in the top 40 last year as opposed to 7 this year. Big improvement for the travelling mouse(s).

And what was the deal with The Grinch? Did we order more Grinch books this year? To jump from 29 to 5 is very suprising! No. No we didn’t. Guess you were all in a Christmasy mood in 2012.

Besides these three it’s pretty much business as usual. Percy Jackson slipped out of the top 10 this year, the wizards are slowly inching out (2 in the top 5 compared to 4 in the top 10 last year) and the wimpy one is holding firm.

In fact the book that knocked The ugly truth from #1 was the new Wimpy kid book that came out this year!

Stay tuned to check out the top 10 picture books, nonfiction books, comics books, dvds and more over the next few weeks and we’ll do another big Top 40 looking at the most popular kids stuff out of EVERYTHING. Will the Wimpy kid still hang on when he has DVD’s and Lego to contend with?