And continuing on with our ‘Top Tens’ here’s the most borrowed picture books of 2012.

10.  Harry and the dinosaurs go to school – Ian Whybrow
9. Merry Christmas, Splat – Rob Scotton
8. Hairy Machlary and Zachary Quack – Lynley Dodd
7. Spot says goodnight – Eric Hill
6. Who sank the boat – Pamela Allen
5. Magic beach – Alison Lester
4. Little white dogs can’t jump  – Bruce Whatley
3. Noni the pony – Alison Lester
2. The very cranky bear – Nick Bland
1. Where the wild things are – Maurice Sendak

Well! That’s a varied list but also full of classics. Half of these books were in the top ten last year as well!  Where the wild things are kept its number one spot, Little white dogs burst into the top 10 from #11, Who sank the boat slipped from #2 to #6, Magic Beach kept pretty steady from #3 to #5 and Spot says goodnight stayed at exactly the same number.

Of course it could be that we just have so many copies of these books around that we see the same borrows year after year.

Annie’s chair, Where’s my teddy, The Owl and the pussycat, Can’t you sleep little bear and The troll were all booted out by newcomers this year.  As well as, most suprisingly, The very hungry caterpillar! I can’t even find it in the top 50 this time around! Presumably as we had some damaged copies this year. 

Coming up next – Top 10 YA books!  Can’t wait to get to the top 10 overall books – and I might even see how many junior items crack the EVERYTHING top 10 inlcuding all the adult fiction books and such!  Interesting.