Is fantasy dead?

I mean the big epic fantasy that paved the way for a number of books-turned-movies. You know Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and so on.

For those of you who are reminiscing those cold winter nights, sitting up reading well into the darkest hours of the night, biting your cheeks, hands freezing outside the blankets clutching a heavy book about a reluctant hero/heroine on a quest of (self) discovery to save a world where magical beasts roam ancient forests. Telling yourself, just one more chapter, before you put the book down, crawl under the covers and thaw your hands out between your thighs.

I miss those days; sometimes I’d even have a bag of liquorice bullets or a mug of hot chocolate, mindlessly consuming books in those still, eerie hours between midnight and morning. But, like any genre over read, it becomes so predictable you could start writing your very own series.

At least, this was how I was feeling.


Until I discovered Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, and once again I was hooked, and I couldn’t wait to devour more about my newest favourite heroine. Celaena Sardothien is a name feared above any other in the empire of Adarlan, nobody has ever  even seen her, except the man who found and trained her, Arobynn Hamel, the King of the Assassins. Until the day he betrayed her and left her for the king’s guard and lifetime of imprisonment. Years later, she’s rescued from a slave camp by the handsome Prince of Adarlan. But once again she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game to earn a place as the king’s champion. Will she ever gain her freedom?  Unwillingly as she is to play the game, there is no doubt something sinister is brewing up within the cold glass castle. Is the king really an evil monster? And is Celaena Sardothien who she claims to be?

Adventure, danger, secret passages behind beautiful tapestries, love triangles, and bleeding fingernails, don’t those words just get your blood pumping with excitement. All that’s left to do is get yourself a pair of fingerless gloves and a copy of Throne of Glass from your local Cockburn Library.

And don’t go hungry…You can also reserve a copy of the second book in the trilogy, Crown of Midnight, or the short story collection about Celaena Sardothien’s adventures as an assassin, Assassin’s Blade which has just been released. All of which are available at the library.

assassin's bladecrown of midnight