This Swedish writing duo, one an ex-con, the other a crime reporter, are sure the most widely-read authors amongst the imprisoned in Sweden (and the police).In 2009 they wrote the novel Three Seconds which later won the prestigious CWA (Crime Writers’ Association) International Dagger Award.

Plot summary: Piet Hoffman is a civilian hired by the police as an informant. He has managed to work himself so high up in the drug dealing hierarchy that the police is now in a position where they could bring down the drug syndicate with his help. After a failed drug deal where a man is killed there is an opening for the police to place Piet “under cover” in a maximum security prison in attempt to shut down the drug cartel from the inside.

Carol Memmott, in USA Today , described Roslund & Hellstrom’s writing  “as good if not better than Larsson“, and said of  Three Seconds“gun play, explosions, betrayals and the ingenious ways drugs and weapons are smuggled into prisons give this novel, Roslund & Hellström’s fifth, an eau de testosterone level that’s through the roof.”