An eBook about our indigenous Anzacs

On the eve of Anzac Day the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs launched the book They Served with Honour: Untold Stories of Western Australian Aboriginal Servicemen at Gallipoli. Written and published by the WA Department of Aboriginal Affairs. The book tells the unknown stories of 13 Aboriginal servicemen from WA who served at Gallipoli. The stories not only look at the soldiers war experiences but also touch their lives prior to enlisting and for those who returned their lives after war.

Over the last decade, there has been a growing interest in Australia about the contribution made by Aboriginal men and women in times of war. Whilst their involvement in our nation’s more recent conflicts is featured in many contemporary publications, little is known about Aboriginal service in World War I (1914-1918), and even less about their role at Gallipoli. It is estimated around fifty Aboriginal men fought during this Campaign. The stories of those who served have to a large extent remained untold or, in some cases, known only to the immediate families. Faced with the prospect of losing these stories forever, comprehensive research has been undertaken to provide an insight into the lives of thirteen Aboriginal Western Australian servicemen who fought at Gallipoli.

Their stories include tales of courage, valour, of finding love, and of their continued struggles post-war.

The book is not available in hard copy, however you can read the eBook version here. [PDF – 6Mb]

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