Yes, another Thermomix blog from me!

I have a confession to make… I do not like cooking and lived off freezer and packet meals until my second child started solids. I then read a book called Additive Alert which made me realise I should start cooking from scratch! I still hated all the preparation and cooking so when I went to a Thermomix demo a year later, I knew this machine was for me. I now make everything from sauces to yoghurt, drinks to lunchbox snacks, main meals and many, many desserts.

A colleague asked if I could test out a recipe from our Thermomix cookbooks or new Thermomix cookbooks, take a photo and do a review… I decided to take the challenge and cook THREE recipes from my three favourite ‘Thermy’ books! I’ve stuck with main meals this time but feel free to comment if you would like to see a test run of other recipes, such as snacks or SWEETS.

curry (Small)      chicken (Small)      frittata (Small)

BEEF AND COCONUT CURRY from Keeping it simple: recipes for a Thermomix 

This recipe is quite straight-forward, first I made the curry paste then added the meat and other ingredients. I used diced beef from an organic co-op so I’m not sure of the exact cut – it did need a bit longer than the suggested time. I also used home-made (in the Thermomix, of course!) coconut milk. I reduced the amount of chillies in the curry paste because my six year old doesn’t like too much spice and added extra chillies as garnish for the rest of us. I love recipes that have leftovers and this made enough for 3 adult and 4 kid-size meals (served with rice and vegies steamed in the Thermy)

Review from my family:

Mr 7 – “this dinner is awesome!”

Mr 6 – “yum yum”

The Husband – “great flavour but a different cut of meat would be more tender”

Me – “delicious and quite spicy”



I love these all-in-one recipes! The chicken and vegies cook in the steaming dish on top of the rice and sauce. I used homemade ketchup (tomato orange sauce from Keeping it simple: recipes for a Thermomix). This recipe was really easy and made heaps of leftovers which we ate for lunch the next day 🙂

Review from my family:

Mr 7 – “this dinner is really nice but I would like a bit more spice”

Mr 6 – “yum but not spicy enough”

The Husband – “I look forward to more recipes from this book – it was tasty but I’m sure there are better”

Me – “loved the wholegrain mustard in the sauce but needed more chilli powder”

(Can you tell that we like our chillies?!) 


CHORIZO AND POTATO SAVOURY FRITTATA from For food’s sake: recipes for use with a Thermomix 

We have nine hens at our place so I’m always on the look-out for tasty eggy recipes! I also chose this recipe as a comparison to the above – this one is prepared in the Thermomix then baked in the oven whilst the others are fully cooked in the machine. The sauce in this was really delicious and I will make that for other meals. The potatoes steamed above the sauce then the sauce was cooked further (I reduced the recommended speed a little as my Thermomix was jumping across the bench!). I didn’t have time to make chilli lime salt so I used pink salt and I also skipped the grape tomatoes. Again, there was plenty of leftovers for lunch.

Review from my family:

Mr 7 – “fantastic! I like the potatoes flavoured with chorizo”

Mr 6 – “yum!”

The Husband – “interesting use of ingredients to create a tasty meal”

Me – “very tasty and easy to cook”