The woman in the window is a debut novel by A.J. Finn.

Anna Fox has not left her New York apartment for the past ten months. She can’t bring herself to take a step outside………no grocery shopping, no walks in the park. Anna is an agoraphobic. Her days are filled with pills to control her anxiety and other ailments followed by a bottle or two of wine to wash the pills down with. Her life outside her home is viewed through her Nikon camera where she watches her neighbour’s daily routines.

It is a thriller that has you guessing until the end.

Then the Russell’s move into the house across the way from her: a father, a mother and their teenage son. They look like the perfect family. But when Anna is looking out her window one night she sees something she shouldn’t her world begins to crumble as no one will believe her. Not the home owners or even the police. Anna begins to question herself….is it a side effect of her medication or is there a reason no one wants to believe her.