Set in outback Australia in 1922, this film tells the story of three white men who use an indigenous tracker to pursue a fugitive.

For my money this is David Gulpilil’s greatest performance (and that’s saying something) his masterful acting shines through in this minimalistic tale.

The movie has a very small cast but each of them play their roles brilliantly. The film is brutal in many ways and the violence is often portrayed with the use of paintings as opposed to acted scenes. It works to great effect and really strikes a chord.

overview_the_trackerGary Sweet is brilliant as the sadistic police officer in charge of the small group of men. The story itself is very simple but the actors carry it so well. The cinematography is amazing and the music of Archie Roach is hauntingly beautiful. David Gulpilil’s subtle comedic touches are a revelation considering the overall subject matter.

The Tracker can be found in the Cockburn Libraries collection, along with many other Indigenous themed movies.