Fans of Lord of the rings and other fantasy sagas will be happy to hear that The Shannara Chronicles are finally available at the library. With epic quests, elves, demons, gnomes and magic, this new series is not about to disappoint.


Come into the new world of the Four Lands and be carried away.

Inspired by the books of Terry Brooks, The Shannara Chronicles takes us to a different time. Thousand of years after the end of civilization as we know it, the world is divided into the Four lands. Elves, humans, gnomes and trolls are at war. However, the real enemy lies elsewhere. Defeated years ago, demons have been banished alongside magic. They are about to resurface. Indeed, the door to the underworld is sick and once dead, there will be no stopping evil. It will be up to a small group of people to save the door. They will all have to work together despite their prejudices and their differences. Will they succeed?


The Shannara chronicles offer a magical world.

The special effects are very impressive and it often made me wish I could live in the Four lands. Deprived of cars and electricity, this world is wonderfully mesmerizing. Of course, being an MTV series it has its issues. It is aimed at teens and fans of the book might be disappointed but I haven’t read Terry Brooks’ series and I was surprised.

I liked this show. It is not the best one out there but it is good enough. I was really intrigued by the story and the fantasy world. It made me want to read the books straight away.

If like me you want more from Shannara, you can borrow the books.

The first one in the series is: The sword of Shannara / Terry Brooks