The River Home by Hannah Richell

The River Home is the story of the Sorrell sisters, Eve, Lucy & Margot. They are three very different sisters who are mostly estranged. They are all brought back together by the shotgun wedding of their sister Lucy. For Margot in particular the Sorrell’s childhood home (where Lucy will be getting married), is a place of a lot of burden and pain. Margot has tried putting the past behind her but her sister’s request to attend the upcoming wedding forces Margot to confront old memories.
Margot isn’t the only Sorrell sister to have a long held secret. As the wedding preparations set in, each sister will gradually release a hidden aspect of their past. This will cause pre-existing tensions and family problems to start coming to the surface.

The River Home

Lucy’s wedding becomes the force that starts the change towards acceptance and understanding in the Sorrell family. This big event will signal the beginning of restitution and hope for a family unit that has struggled to see eye to eye.

Hannah Richell is a truly talented author who always impresses me with her ability to write such a powerful book. I was totally captivated by The River Home.

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