Vampire fans beware! The Originals are here and they’re not messing around. First appearing in The Vampire Diaries: Love Suck , the Mikealsons, the original family of vampires had to have their own TV series. More than one thousand years old, Rebekah, Niklaus and Elijah have got a lot to tell. Their characters are really interesting and most importantly well played.


The story takes place in New Orleans, in the French quarter where exuberance and extravagance are in order. Niklaus wishes to take back the city he was once chased from by his father a hundred years ago. This is without counting the different factions of enemy vampires, werewolves and witches. The whole TV show is based on family and it makes for something a bit different. This is love but of a different kind. In a thousand years, women and friends come and go. The only real constant is family and it is quite interesting.

I have to say that I  am a bit over the whole vampire boyfriend/human girlfriend scene that we saw in The Vampire Diaries. The Originals are focused on their own, there is no shame on taking blood which means, for me anyway, a more interesting set up, more brutal and overall fun.

It is important to note that it won’t matter if you haven’t seen the Vampire Diaries. Everything is well explained in the pilot.