No – I didn’t win it  – but the elation I experienced at finally getting to the end of one of the shortlisted titles must be close to that felt when actually claiming The Prize itself !

Title in question – To rise again at a decent hour by Joshua Ferris – I’m a stayer if nothing else but this one sorely tested my patience.  Started off well – So that’s what  dentists think about when surveying our trusting open mouths but beyond that I really couldn’t find much to recommend.  Story of a insomniac, baseball obsessed dentist searching for life meaning but becoming involved in a quest to find out who is impersonating him online by hacking his  Twitter and Facebook pages and declaring him an ‘Ulm’.  This is the first American entry to the Shortlist.




I am currently listening to (available on audiobook)  deservedly the winner of the Mann Booker – The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan.  I can’t say I have enjoyed every minute of this book as the description of the dehumanising of the Australian POWs  by their captors made me fast forward on one occasion but it is a very powerful book which explains much about our recent past.




I sped through  We are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler – this is also a worthy entry on the Shortlist – try it – intriguing.

We are all completely beside ourselves