The legend of Hercules, which followes movies such as 300 , 300: Rise of the Empire  and Pompeii, is all you would expect. Violence, blood, sex and war meet in the particular style that we love.

However, I have to say that I was disappointed. It is missing that little something that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is watchable but predictable. In this adaptation, King Amphitrion is raging war on Argos. His wife, queen Alceme, disgusted by her husband thirst for power goes to the goddess Hera for advice. She only wishes peace and the goddess finally comes to her. She will bear the son of Zeus and will name him Hercules. Only he will be able to bring peace to the kingdom. Twenty-five years later we find the handsome Hercules played by Kellan Lutz, completely unaware of his destiny as well as his past. He is in love with the beautiful Hebe and will do anything to be with her. Even provoke the wrath of his brother and father.


It is a story about love, about doing everything to be with your soul mate, and it is unfortunately boring… The actors are beautiful but they do not manage to move you and as it turns out the special effects are not helping to transport you to this time and imagining it happening in front of your eyes. For a recent movie, I have to say that their quality is almost horrifying.

And the worst: if you are a fan of mythology or know a bit about it then you will either laugh or be mortified at this plot.

First of all, since when does Hera ever give her blessing to Alceme to bear the son of her husband? It is commonly known that Hera was a very jealous wife and that she hated that Zeus was having affairs. It is the whole point of Hercules and his trials. She has always had a profound hatred for him. In the mythology, Alceme didn’t know either that she was sleeping with the god because he disguised himself as her husband. Secondly, in this version, Hercules is passionately in love with Hebe. Who is she and where did she come from? Hercules married Megara and had three children with her. Finally, Chiron? I believe he is supposed to be a centaur and not a man.

So yes, there are a few inaccuracies. To balance it all though and to still be able to call the movie Hercules and not Half-God Coming Out Of We Don’t Know Where, they have added some mythological facts. Hercules did kill the Nemean lion, a monstrous beast that could not be killed by strangling him and turned its skin into a cloak that rendered him invulnerable for example but I am still not convinced.

I won’t say anymore. I’ll let you judge for yourself.