Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

As children, we study them but the interest never really fades. (The Jurassic Park franchise is proof of that.) We imagine the herbivores being nice and peaceful whilst the carnivores being fierce and tough. In both cases, teachers told us that they did not possess our intelligence. What if history was changed? What if they did not die 65 million years ago? Would they have jobs like we do today? What if they became farmers? In The Good dinosaur, the writers explore those fascinating creatures in a very different way.


Henry and Ida are dinosaurs and they are also farmers. When we meet them, they are witnessing the birth of their three children: Libby, Buck, and the little Arlo. There are everyday chores to do on a farm and if they are to survive the winter, the whole family has to help. Unfortunately, Arlo has a hard time. He is weak and scared. There are no tasks that he seems to be good at. When his two siblings finally make their mark alongside their parents, it is very difficult for him. He has a good heart but he is too timid.

One day, a terrible accident happens. It will push him to his limits. Without his parents to protect him, he will have to face his fears. It will be a fight to survive on his own because his only other option is death… or accepting the help of a little critter/human.


The Good dinosaur is visually breathtaking and technically stunning.

The story is not complex but it does the job. It is a good-hearted movie for the whole family about friendship and facing fears. It is sad and fun at times.

Poppa: Sometimes you got to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.

The relationship between Arlo and the little human is very interesting. It is a beautiful friendship. Dinosaurs and critters are supposed to be enemies and Arlo will have to go past this fact to make it back home safe.

Also, The T-Rexes are a lot of fun, watch out for them!