Yes we are isolated, yes we get left out, but we still have an amazing city full of unique experiences, scenery and weather.

There are many great individuals and groups who spend their day providing us information via Facebook. Although there are many, here is a list of the top five best Facebook pages you should be following:


Perth Weather Live.

This group of dedicated individuals spend their spare time doing what most of the big media outlets haven’t been able to do forever – predict the weather, ok maybe not 100% but they get very very close!

They provide up to date radar images courtesy of BOM, they send out warnings for lightning, fire and fog. These guys really are the real deal driving hundreds of kilometres chasing extreme weather – think Twister with Helen Hunt!

Click like on their page! You will become a weather expert in no time!


Perth Munchkin

This Facebook page is run by an anonymous Perth resident who is the single biggest food blogger in town. She is also one of the most energetic people on the food scene in Perth seemingly at a new venue each night.

Perth Munchkin’s reviews are wide ranging, from in depth blogs on her website as well as quick pics via Instagram.

I like the way Perth Munchkin writes, I like that she mentions  when she has been asked to review a venue and most of all I like that she has a go at recreating dishes and is open about the outcome.

Click like on her page to find out all the new places to eat before the rest of Perth!

lost perth

Lost Perth

If you are a nostalgic person or someone who looks back on Perth with fond memories, this is the page for you!

Lost Perth is one of a few Facebook Pages that has generated a large amount of ‘Do you remember the time when’ moments , ‘ooohss’ and ‘ahhhs’ and a few ‘wows’. These nostalgic moments are inspiring day trips to the abandoned Atlantis, walks in King’s Park and around the city of Perth.

If you have any photos you would like to submit, please get in touch with Warren Duffy :  or click here for their Facebook page.

perth arena

Perth Arena

It seems every building in Perth comes under the scrutiny of the public. Everyone seems to be an experienced designer and architect! Perth Arena was one of the most contentious and spoken about construction projects in Perth’s history!

Fortunately, it has become a monument that is a pleasure to visit; we are now attracting artists who once skipped us over without thinking twice. Recently Robbie, Kanye and soon Miley and Justin will perform in our city.

Their Facebook page is the only verified page on our list but has fewer fans than Perth Weather Live and Lost Perth. Click here to go to their page for upcoming Wildcats news and Justin Timberlake updates.


Six Thousand

This new kid on the block is making some serious contributions to Perth’s event calendar!

This dynamic page shows off so many aspects of Perth’s ever developing cultural scene. If you are looking for a film festival, new or retro clothes labels, underground bars or eateries, this is the page for you.

Did you know John Safran was stopping by Perth? Or that Nick Cave has made a pseudo-doco on his life? We do now thanks to 6000. Make sure you become a fan to be the one friend who always has something new and fun to do on a Saturday night!

Click here to like their page.


All images are from retrospective websites and or Facebook sites.