“I can’t go to sleep at night unless I’ve read a book” the Christmas tree fairy
with her favourite book “Adventures of the Wishing chair”

So this week we had a Xmas tree fairy visit Spearwood, Success and Coolbellup libraries.  She told stories and sung as well as be VERY VERY pink! (and no, regrettably I didn’t come up with that headline.)  More pictures coming soon from her 3 performances but I have something extra special to add.

I asked her a few questions about books and SURPRISE SURPRISE she LOVES reading.
1.  What book was your favourite when you were a little fairy and why?

My favourite book was “The Adventures of the Wishing Chair” by Enid Blyton because it was full of magical adventures and lots of pixies, elves and fairies like me!
      2. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever read?
      My favourite place to read is underwater in a magical pond in my secret fairy garden, but I don’t think that’s weird at all!
      3. Why is reading so awesome/important?
      Reading is the best fun because in the stories you can go to faraway lands and met lots of wonderful friends. Being a fairy, sometimes I pop into the storybooks to have adventures with the lovely characters I have read about.
      4. If you could be any book character who would you be?
       I would like to spend a day being Miss Honey from  the book “Matilda” because she is so lovely and she is a teacher which is one of the best things in the world to be!
5. Why is being A Christmas Tree fairy the best thing ever?
 When you are a Christmas Tree Fairy you get to live inside a lovely Christmas Tree, singing Christmas carols, telling Christmas stories and having jolly fairy Christmas parties! We also get extra special fairy wishing dust to sprinkle onto little boys and girls when they are making a Christmas wish.
Thank you Christmas tree for your wonderful visit and we hope to see you again next Christmas!