Imagine a clever idea, imagine taking one of the most popular love stories of all times to turn it into a 21st century TV show and wait for the rewards. Unless…

Unless the show is not worth it.

beauty and the beast

The Beauty and the Beast is a detective TV series with a hint of fantasy. Catherine Chandler played by Kristin Kreuk is a homicide investigator haunted by her mother’s murder. She was there and would have died too if this beast hadn’t saved her. For nine years, she has tried to convince herself that what she saw, what she heard could not have been an animal until she meets Vincent. A soldier supposed to have been killed in combat, he is hiding from a government organisation that experimented on him and changed his DNA, turning him into the loving beast that we all know.

Everything that happens next is predictable and that is the issue. Catherine is understanding, sweet, never has a word out of place, beautiful and quite frankly boring. Same for Vincent, he is handsome, caring, turns into a beast, yes, but would never hurt the one he loves.

At the same time, some people will appreciate the fact that it is predictable and that our main characters will end up together in some sort of happy ending. You won’t see any bloody scenes, the sex is a big deal as well as friendship and family. All in all I believe that it is aimed at teenagers. Kristin Kreuk, who played the role of Lana Lang in Smallville has not changed her fan base.

If you’re relaxing at home, have too many issues, or do not wish to think then this show is for you. It is full of cliches and your brain will be happy to be dormant and just watch the pretty images for a while. Indeed, for a beast we all have to admit that Vincent is quite good looking.