Shazam is the app you have always wanted. Have you ever heard a song you like but have no idea what it is called? Well now you can find out! As the song is playing, open Shazam and touch the button on the screen to allow the app to hear it. within 10 seconds you will have the name and artist of the song. In most circumstances the app will give you options to go to YouTube to see it, go to iTunes to buy it or head over to Spotify to listen to it.


Runkeeper is that running buddy who will always say yes to a run. It never get sore legs, feels lazy or becomes suddenly sick. RunKeeper will log the distance you run, elapsed time and running route all via GPS. You can compete with your friend’s times over the same route and you can share your results over social media. Some smart users have also created drawings as their running route (see feature image). With 30 million active users, you can see how this smart little app is constantly at the top of the most downloaded apps in the app store.


Spotify is an absolute game changer. Forget iTunes, forget Sanity music stores. Spotify gives you access to 20 million songs… for free. Yes, you can search for artists, songs or current playlists- it is all legal. The premium subscription is only $12 per month. $12 will give you access to Bach, The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dog or whatever you are in the mood for – all advertising free. You can also download the music on your phone to use out of mobile or Wi-Fi range! The only down side – The Beatles currently don’t allow Spotify to use their music.


Dropbox is a cloud service independent of Microsoft, Google or Apple. It enables users to put photos, documents, songs or other files into their own personal online cloud. Dropbox then synchronises all of the data in your cloud so that it is available to you wherever you are or regardless of the computer, smartphone or tablet you want to view it on. There is a free service; however the larger size comes at a small cost of $11 per month for 1TB (1,000GB). Yes, that is a lot of storage for your photos and songs for a great price!


Flight Status is less well known than the other four apps I mentioned. It is useful in a few scenarios and it helps eliminate waiting. Have you ever been asked to pick up a friend up at the airport, you get there on time, but the plane is an hour late? Flight Status will give you a much more accurate arrival time than the airline! You can also watch the plane’s position as it is flying. Another time saving feature the app provides is to check what flights are coming into any airport at any one time. Have you ever arrived at Denpasar airport to see thousands of people in front of you? Never again! Plan ahead with Flight Status and you will have much shorted processing times at immigration!


What apps have you discovered? Or what ones can’t you live without?