Are you ready to have your beliefs shaken? Are you ready to start thinking differently about “healthy” foods?

From the moment we get up in the morning, we are bombarded with health advice and advertisements. Our TV’s, social media, magazines and even letter boxes tell us how to be healthy or how to loose weight. Society is expecting us to look a certain way. As a consequence, we count calories and we consume more and more low-fat products believing that there is nothing more evil than fat. Is it true? Or could we be making ourselves sicker?


THAT SUGAR FILM is the story of  Damon Gameau. About to be a father, he asked himself what is the real cause of all our issues. Instead of fat, could sugar be the real danger? To test his theory, he starts a crazy experiment and discovers the bitter reality. From a diet that consisted mainly of good fats such as avocado and nuts, meat, fruits and vegetables, he starts eating what the food companies label as “healthy”. Cereals and juices in the morning are supposed to be good for you, same goes with smoothies, low-fat yogurts and the list is endless. However, the truth is frightening.

Are you ready to have your beliefs shaken? Are you ready to start thinking differently about “healthy” foods? Then it’s time to borrow That sugar film.


That Sugar Film is not only highly informative, it is also highly entertaining.  I really enjoyed the way it was filmed. It was very easy to watch and even easier to understand. There is a lot of science behind the experiment but it is delivered to the audience in the cleverest way possible. It was also refreshing to have an Australian documentary made on the topic.

The sugar industry is worth billions and its leaders are not about to tell you how much their products are bad for you. Beware next time you hear a big company saying that a product is “healthy”. Sugar is everywhere. It is added to almost all processed foods to accentuate the consumers’ satisfaction and, as a result is giving us diabetes and liver disease.

If the documentary is not enough for you, here are some books that might interest you:

9780143573708Big fat lies : how the diet industry is making you sick, fat and poor / David Gillespie

9780241965283 Pure, white and deadly : how sugar is killing us and what we can do to stop it / John Yudkin

51U0h+D7n-L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ Little sugar addicts : end the mood swings, meltdowns, tantrums, and low self-esteem in your child today / Kathleen DesMaisons

9781922178275-us-300 Low sugar, no sugar : how to reduce your sugar intake, lose weight & feel great / Jess Lomas

quit-sugar-quick Quit sugar quick / Jess Lomas

de1f7bbbe79f6d480482383ed081c99f I quit sugar for life : your fad-free wholefood wellness code and cookbook / Sarah Wilson

9781743534397 I quit sugar : simplicious / by Sarah Wilson

9780804186018 I quit sugar : your complete 8-week detox program and cookbook / Sarah Wilson

9781623153205-us Sugar detox for beginners : your guide to starting a 21-day sugar detox / Hayward Press

and many more…