Thank you to Success Library,

I just want to thank the A-mazing team at Success Library for adopting me in their workplace for a week of fabolousness ! (is that even a word? It is now! I just added it to the PC’s dictionary.)

I have had so much fun but the best part of my experience was…. well, I can’t decide! I liked scanning books the best though, because I love scanning.

Story time with Chantelle and Pram Jams with David helped me increase my confidence in public, which is why I agreed to do both things. I also love the view we have from the kitchen window, not to mention that I can make myself hot tea or Milo – right here!

Also I love being surrounded by hundreds of books in such a pleasant atmosphere. And seriously – the amount of cute kids coming in the library is just incredible.

Through my experience, I have FINALLY learned how in the world the books are organised. Now I can always find my books in the school library without needing the librarian’s help – unless of course, they are missing and are not there.

This work experience has taught me the importance of being punctual to work, and that you have to keep on working even when you start to get physically tired. It has also taught me the importance of being dressed appropriately for the particular occasion.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Kim (for having me here), Carla (for being AWESOME and the person I looked to for help) , Chantelle (for being my sense of direction for the first 2 days and for making me feel good about what I do), Margaret (for being sarcastic and really funny and kind in general), Michelle (for loving Ed Sheeran as much as I do), Dave (for letting me scan 103 books and for teaching me about State and Local Library), Jessica (for letting me play with puppets and for being a bright person) and the rest of the team that I’ve worked with (sorry, I’m really bad at remembering names).