Melissa McCarthy is Tammy. After having been discovered in Bridesmaids and Identity Thief, she continues to ascend to fame at an incredible rate. We love her and are happy to finally break down stereotypes. Yes, the angry, obnoxious fat lady has the right to find love and be happy!


In this most recent comedy, Tammy is a burger-joint waitress that struggles through life. She simply doesn’t fit. On a bad day that keeps getting worse, she wrecks her car, gets fired from her job and finds her husband cheating on her with the neighbour. There is only one thing to do: leave. However, she has no money and no car. Her only choice is to take her grandmother with her. Pearl (Susan Sarandon) has everything they need as well as the desire to see the Niagara Falls. It promises to be a road trip to remember.


Tammy is a nice comedy but it’s nowhere near being laugh out loud fun. The main character appears to be pathetic more than funny most of the time. If you like Melissa McCarthy, you will certainly appreciate it but I didn’t. I watched it until the end and it’s very been there done that. It is predictable and non realistic at best.

The script is simply bad. Using foul language just for the kick of it doesn’t mean that the jokes will be better. On the contrary, it highlights a problem with the story line. We can see that the goal was to mix serious issues such as alcoholism with comedy. It didn’t work.