Spring has Sprung! The perfect time of the year to remind everyone how important it is to live harmoniously with the environment. There are so many ways that we can contribute, but the best way to find out how is to drop in to Spearwood Library this month and have a look through the displays, books and pamphlets. Learn about solar power, or grab one of our green clean books that have some great recipes for cleaning products that don’t hurt the environment and are dirt cheap. “Bicarbonate of soda: The Complete Practical Handbook” by Diane and Jon Sutherland, and Liz and Kevin Eyres I highly recommend. Bicarbonate of soda works wonders on a dirty BBQ and I’m about to try it out in the bathroom! I’ll let you know how it goes.
Don’t forget! For the kids this month they can enter the colouring competition (download the colouring competition entry form). There are some awesome library packs to win! See our website for full details.