Summer Reads 2022

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Here is a selection of some interesting new fiction, non-fiction titles and biographies. There is so much to choose from so here is a taster for your Summer Reading enjoyment.

Book cover for After story

After story

Jasmine, an Indigenous lawyer takes her mother, Della on a literary tour of England. When a young woman goes missing on Hampstead Heath, the women are confronted with a traumatic event 25 years ago. Jasmine’s older sister, Brittany was abducted leaving the tight-knit community devastated. The story reveals truths about knowledge and healing. The characters are engaging and the story, though sometimes discomforting is one of hope.

Into the heart of Tasmania

In 1908, English gentleman Ernest Westlake set out on a journey to Tasmania to discover a lost culture. He collected over 13,000 Aboriginal stone tools in what he thought was an extinct race. The breadth of the collection was immense. What he found was a living Indigenous culture. Westlake’s decision to record Aboriginal language and customs, including hunting techniques provides us with a rich source of knowledge. This is a well-researched, readable book.

Book cover for Into the heart of Tasmania
Book cover for Into the rip

Into the rip

This is an inspiring story about American journalist, Damien Cave and his family who move from New York to Sydney. It is partly the story of his family learning to live by the sea, and it is partly the story of how humans manage the idea of risk. This is a timely book about modern living and the challenges we face. 

Wild Abandon

Wild abandon is about 22 year-old Will, who flees Melbourne for New York City after a failed romance. In a world of glamour and excess he vows to say “yes” to life. After an act of betrayal and penniless, he moves to Littleproud, Ohio where he meets Wayne Gage, a Vietnam veteran and owner of an exotic zoo. This is a coming-of-age story set in two locations. Will’s journey is one of discovery and change.

Book cover for Wild abandon
Book cover for A friendship in letters

A friendship in letters

A friendship in letters brings together correspondence between two of Scotland’s most famous writers for the first time. Though they never met, Robert Louis Stevenson and J. M. Barrie developed a warm friendship. These amusing and gossipy letters contain vivid commentary on each other’s literary work.

No one is talking about this

The narrator of the story is an unnamed social media star. Her tweet “Can a dog be twins?” goes viral, which leads to international speaking engagements. This book captures the life of a person living a life predominantly online. When the narrator’s mother texts her with news of her sister’s serious pregnancy complication, the novel shifts in perspective. Sometimes humorous and a bit bawdy, this story is a modern tale about what really matters in life.

Book cover for No one is talking about this
Book cover for Stars in our pockets

Stars in our pockets

Howard Axelrod asks the question, how is technology changing the way we make sense of the world and ourselves? After spending two years in isolated Vermont, away from the digital world, he writes about his sensory overload when he returns. This is a personal story with philosophical meditations on living in the physical and digital realm.

The anthropocene reviewed

John Green has adapted and expanded a collection of essays from his groundbreaking podcast. The Anthropocene is the current geological age in which the human race has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. These essays are rich, complex and funny. He examines the contradictions of human intelligence and our power to shape the world.

Book cover for The anthropocene reviewed
Book cover for The night watchman

The night watchman

This story is based on the extraordinary life of the writer’s grandfather who worked as a night watchman. Louise Erdrich’s grandfather carried the fight against Native dispossession from rural North Dakota to Washington D.C. This powerful novel explores themes of love and death with the elegance of a master storyteller.


Lea Ypi has written a memoir about growing up in 1990’s Albania under a communist regime. This is a brilliantly observed, funny and politically nuanced narrative. In  Albania, her family were Muslim and this had to be hidden. Her family kept secrets to protect her, but over time she develops an understanding of the political instability around her. Lea Ypi is a professor at London School of Economics.


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