Jim Jarmusch’s Idiosyncratic Indie Films are Streaming on Kanopy

For nearly forty years, Jim Jarmusch has distinguished himself as a unique voice in independent filmmaking. With an emphasis on unhurried cinematography that eschews traditional narrative structures, Jarmusch’s fascination with the little moments of life captures touching insights on humanity, often with Jarmusch’s deadpan dark humour. Check out six highlights below and watch more of Jarmusch’s incomparable indie films on Kanopy.

Still from Paterson movie


A poignant and heartfelt portrait of a bus driver (Adam Driver) whose love of poetry takes him on a journey of self-discovery.

Still from movie Only Lovers Left Alive


Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are centuries-old vampires leading sensuous and languid lives in the modern world.

Still from movie Dead Man

Dead Man (1995)

Jarmusch’s mid-90s black comedy, dubbed a “psychedelic Western,” features Johnny Depp as an accountant turned gunslinger fleeing the law.

Still from movie Night on Earth


One of Jarmusch’s more experimental films features five playful vignettes of oddball taxi drivers and passengers all over the course of one night

Still from movie Mystery Train


Jarmusch’s deadpan zaniness comes to life as three quirky stories overlap in a low-rent Memphis motel inhabited by the spirit of Elvis

Still from movie Down by Law

DOWN BY LAW (1986)

Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni star in one of Jarmusch’s first films—a rambling and character-driven comedy about inmates plotting a jailbreak.

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