C is for crocodile and S is for snap! This was a really fun and interactive session with lots of counting, teeth brushing, surprises and snapping crocodiles!

The books I read included the following:

Open very carefully: a book with bite!
This book with words by Nick Bromley and illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne is great to read aloud. It dares us to open up its pages because the big scary crocodile inside might bite our finger or scratch our nose! Our job is to try and remove the crocodile from the book as it is supposed to be the story of The Ugly Duckling. Will rocking the book backwards and forwards or shaking it up and down work? I recommend you read it and find out.

Smile, crocodile, smile (also known as Clarabella’s Teeth)
This book by An Vrombaut is about Clarabella Crocodile and her friends who live in the Mango Tree House. There is Ruby and Liam and Max and Zoe. The friends love to play, leap, spin and bounce but poor Clarabella has so many teeth to brush that she doesn’t get to join in. What will her friends do so that she can join in the fun?

A new addition to our storytime resources is Dangerous!
This book by Tim Warnes is a delightful story about friendship. One day Mole, who loves labelling things, finds a lumpy-bumpy thing on the path. A lumpy-bumpy, unusual, huge, scaly, strange, wrinkly, knobbly, pine-coney, mysterious thing with snippy snappy teeth. Will the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing gobble up Mole? Or will the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing turn out to be friendly, kind and funny?

An Action Crocodile Rhyme with Snap!
Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys swinging from a tree
Hold up 5 fingers on right hand
Teasing Mister Crocodile, “Can’t catch me!”
Wave fingers at left hand
Along came Mister Crocodile, as slowly as could be
Make mouth with fingers and thumb of left hand
And SNAPPED that monkey right outta the tree!
Bite off finger
Four little monkeys …
Three little monkeys …
Two little monkeys …
One little monkey …
No little monkeys swinging from a tree, I’d better watch out or he might catch me!

Craft Idea
Make a snazzy snappy stand-up crocodile.
art work
Construction paper – green (or colour-in)
Crayons or markers
Pink and green brenex paper
Googly eyes (optional)

1. Print template.
2. Cut out crocodile body and eyes.
3. Fold body in half.
4. Cut scales out of the Brenex paper.
5. Glue eyes and scales onto crocodile body.
6. Draw on nostrils.

Did you Know?
Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world.

Winking crocodile

And Remember: Reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child.
See you at storytime!

If you have a favourite Crocodile book or rhyme please share it with us below.