VidaIt was a long time before then 6 year old Vida Hansen forgave her father for sending her first ever hand embroidered and crocheted doily to his family in Norway so proud was he of her work.  Now fourscore and thirteen years old – its OK – permission was granted for mentioning a lady’s age – Vida continues to produce exquisite handicrafts.

A local Spearwood resident and lively stalwart of our Spearwood Library Knitting Club, Vida can do it all – knitting, crocheting, tatting, lacemaking, dressmaking and fine needlework.  She is the scourge of retailers as she makes her own clothes and bags while many premature babies at King Edward Hospital have been dressed in Vida’s fine knitwear.

Vida who was a founding member of the Spearwood Library Knitting Club which has been meeting in the Library since 2008, regales members with her tales of times past while inspiring them with her delicate handiwork.

Some examples of Vida’s bobbin lace: