The franchise Transformers is back in force for this fourth chapter: Age of extinction. The cast might be different but the special effects, the jokes and the explosions are sill going strong!

In this epic film, we pick up the story line almost where we left it. Chicago has been saved by the Autobots and the humans are attempting to rebuild slowly the wreckage left by the fight. However, everything has changed. Everybody now knows that aliens exist and that they are a great deal more powerful than we are. The dice are rolled for the Autobots. Indeed, as one man believes that they are the solution to creating an army of our own capable of defending the human race, they go from being our saviors to being hunted like criminals and destroyed.



The ultimate Optimus Prime has a bounty on his head and is forced to hide.

In this new movie, we meet new characters. Mark Wahlberg is Cade Yeage, an inventor with dreams but no money. On the verge of being kicked out of his house, his only hope is to find something that will make him rich. His daughter, Tessa (Nicola Peltz), is tired of always looking after a father lost in his own world. Their relationship is tense to say the least but like in all good Transformers movie, it makes up for some awkward moment and more importantly some good laughs for the audience.


If you haven’t seen any of the previous movies and if you do not appreciate a perfectly fine American blockbuster, do not even bother with this one. Personally, I love it. The special effects are absolutely brilliant. It blows me away to see what they are capable of doing these days with computers. Not once do you question the quality of the images, of the transformers and of the battles. The characters never take themselves seriously and are all in all funny.

I believe that this franchise works because they have the same ingredients sprinkled in each film. And who wouldn’t love Mark Wahlberg blasting aliens guns with his perfect body. I am a fan.