Here’s a taster of one of the many young adult books hitting the spot. The thirst for paranormal romance is only growing, once a upon a time it was the hero, now it’s the monsters and just plain weird. Swooning over vampires, werewolves and zombies has become something like a trend. Therefore, I propose a lover turned ghost.

I Heart You, You Haunt Me is one book that seems to make the paranormal probe go haywire. But, author Lisa Schroeder has also carved some new paths along that track too, one of them being the format of the novel. It is written entirely in verse poetry; even so, don’t feel obliged to be a poetry lover to read this book. It is just as easy to read as any other novel, except with more finesse. How do compete with that?!

Although Schroeder, who married her best friend 20 years ago, declared that she’s in love with love; cliché this novel is NOT. (Cue Evanescence)

Imagine you fell in love with somebody, and like any other teenager, envision the rest of your life together…and then that somebody is no more. This is exactly what happens to Ava, Jackson was everything she wanted in a life partner, until his sudden death changes every dream she ever had for their future. Before she can even begin to mourn the love she lost, he’s back! Cold, invisible and, when she’s home alone, turning on her favourite music. Ava is thrilled, Jackson and her life begin to feel more real and the temptation to join him in his endless dream is only too real. Schroeder weaves such a sense of reality in the characters and in the event that lead to Jackson’s early demise, that it’s hard to consider this novel entirely paranormal romance. It lacks shadow, grunge, blood, gore and sexual tension (losing your virginity to a ghost doesn’t count).

And I’m not the only one who’s wild about this book, on I Heart You, You Haunt Me has been rated an average of 4 stars by over 4,000 people.