After the trauma of her boyfriend dying and the scandal that hit afterwards Lottie Bentz finally returns to her hometown of Bonnievale to escape the media frenzy.

Twelve years had passed since the last Harvest Ball…I was just eighteen when my hometown crowned me their Peach Queen with a blossom coronet and I was eighteen when I left.

Lottie Bentz

Back home Lottie embarks on a radical declutter of her life, Marie Kondo-style (the Life changing magic of tidying) she throws out everything that got her into trouble: her phone, socials, make-up and a tendency to tell little white lies – to herself and others.

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Coming home has its issues especially her mother who cannot forgive her for the recent scandal and Lottie doesn’t feel welcome at home so she moves in with her mum’s friend Mrs. Brooker who offers her a rundown caravan to live in. Lottie begins the decluttering with Mrs. Brooker and they form a beautiful relationship that will touch your heart. Angus, Lottie’s former Peach King and heir to the Brooker orchard makes it clear that she’s not welcome.

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I really enjoyed this story as it was well written and the characters are so real. The setting in the small town is vividly portrayed and there are lots of really lovely female characters.

It is the first book of Sasha Wasley that I have read and I really enjoyed her style of writing. It was a beautiful and touching story and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

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