If you love Daniel Craig as James Bond then you won’t be disappointed in this new installment. Spectre is not just another story, it ties together everything that happened since the apparition of the muscly, blond actor as 007.

bond spectre

The story: Following the death of his beloved M, James Bond seems to be acting up. In Mexico city, he nearly kills a crowd of innocent people and manages to blow up an entire block of buildings. All this for a mission that wasn’t even sanctioned by the agency. Is 007 on a personal vendetta? And if so, can he succeed without the help of his colleagues?
Step by step, he will uncover deeply buried secrets and will realize that everything that happened to him until this point is all tied in.

Two main things: First of all, I may be a bit bias in this area but I would like to applaud the choice of Spectre’s James Bond girl. Lea Seydoux is absolutely dashing. Love her.
Secondly I regretted the fact that this last installment seems so final. It explains everything that happens before and ends in a lovely fashion. Is it the end of the James Bond Franchise?


My opinion: I enjoyed the movie only because I am a James Bond fan since the beginning. Indeed, I have never totally agreed with Daniel Craig for the role and nothing here made me change my mind. Some scenes are so far fetched that I couldn’t help but sigh at the TV screen. The girls are falling into his arms after only a few minutes interactions and I cannot help but wonder what is so great about him.

“It is good but not great”

The movie was nice to watch but I was expecting more intensity, more twists to the plot. Yes, there are a few great moments like the opening scene that screams James Bond but unfortunately not enough of them. It is good but not great.